Balearic Islands - living and buy house

Balearic Islands - living and buy house

The Illes Balears, or Balearic Islands are an archipelago located near the mainland of Eastern Spain between Europe and Africa. The Balearic Island consist of three big islands and three smaller islands. The three big islands are Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca. The three smaller islands are Formentera, which is the biggest of the three, Cabrera and Sa Bragonera. The Balearic islands have about 1.111.674 residents. 846.000 of them live on Mallorca, 80.000 on Minorca, 132.637 on Ibiza and 10.757 on Formentera. The two little islands, Cabrera and Sa Dragonera are uninhabited. The residents of the Balearic islands speak spanish, but also Catalan/Balearic. Each island has its own dialect. The islands have a mediterranean climate. In the summer it can become up to 30 degrees and the winters are not under 14 degrees. The average year temperature is 22 degrees.

Map Balearic Islands


Balearic Islands - Ibiza

The island Ibiza has a site on the UNESCO world heritage list and has beautiful nature. The other extreme of the island is the partying and the tourism. There is a very relaxed, free atmosphere on the island, which suits the hippy culture. The hippy markets and clubs are the opppsite of the natural parks, nature and caves. On Ibiza there is something to do for everyone, if you like going out or if you like peace and quietness, the atmosphere creates a pleasant stay for many different people.

Map Ibiza - Balearische Eilanden Street Ibiza
Ibiza Hippy Market Ibiza beach lounge


Balearic Islands - Mallorca

Mallorca is known for its numerous beaches and hotels. There are plenty of things to do in Mallorca, like visiting museums, aquariums, water parks, tanning at the beach, action on jeep safari, etc. Still Mallorca has also quiet strokes when you leave the coast. Except for the busy, toeristic part you can find beautiful buildings, nature, and many animal species. The entire westcoast of Mallorca is covered with the beautiful Tramunta mountains. The mountains have a hiking area that is breathtaking to walk in.

Map Mallorca Tramunta mountains Mallorca Beach Mallorca


Balearic Islands - Minorca

Minorca is the quieter island of the Balearic Islands. To Minorca go far fewer tourists. Minorca’s coast is perfect for diving and snorkeling. You can experience the beautiful underwater world with one of the many diving schools in Minorca. Typical for Minorca are the historical relics and many old cities. Many restaurants and terraces create a cozy and social atmosphere.

Map Minorca Beach Minorca
Diving Minorca Minorca City


Balearic Islands - accessibility

So the Balearic Islands show many differences from each other. Whatever you like, the Balearic Islands have it for you. All the islands are easy to reach by boat. Several times a day there departs a ferry on which not only transports you but also your car.

Balearic Islands Balearic Islands


Buy a house Balearische Eilanden

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